Water Damage Restoration


When the unthinkable happens and you’re up to HERE in water, pick up the nearest phone and call Dave's Carpet Cleners and we’ll be there in a matter of minutes. We have the right equipment, the right know how, and the right timing. When disaster strikes, let us help you get back to normal.

We will work with your insurance company too!

24-Hour Readiness

Water can spread in the padding even though the carpet does not feel wet in places. Whether it's pulling up the carpet, taking out the padding or extracting the water, Dave will get your home back to its pre-condition before the flood occurred.

For the extraction, Dave uses the water claw (see pictures on the left and below). It is an incredible tool for getting out the water from not only the carpet, but the padding as well. Looking at the pictures you can actually see all of the water coming out of the carpet due to a looking down through the plexiglass. The water claw does not show where the extraction hose hooks to the claw. If you will notice, looking at the bottom of the claw it has about 100 holes that extracts the water right out of the carpet. Then having about a 200lb man standing on it forces all excess water out of the carpet and padding.